Anti-Smoking Ads Getting Me Really Baked

04.30.09 Copyranter


Whoa. Imagine the cool opium den you’d have with these babies on the wall. And imagine if they were black light posters…fuuuuck. No, A.C. Camargo cancer hospital in Säo Paulo, Brazil. These ads don’t make me sick. They make me nice and calm. I can’t stop staring at them. And what’s that’s image in the right one? A cobra? Actually, they’re both starting to look like cobras. Swaying, hypnotic love cobras. This trippy campaign is by JWT in Säo Paulo. Brazilian art directors create the coolest anti-smoking ads, don’t they? They may not do anything to deter smoking, but they look great in portfolios. OK, I’m putting on some Cornershop and turning off the office lights. See you tomorrow. |images: bestadsontv|