Area Man Beaten To Death By Cigarette

09.22.09 Copyranter

anti_smoking_ads The first rule of Smoker Fight Club is… Oh, would mayor Benito Bloomberg and his health kommandant Thomas Farley love to run this bloody violent UK anti-smoking ad non-stop on the inside of every City toker’s eyelids. It’s for England’s National Health Service as part of a two-month campaign targeting men 35-55 in Birmingham East and North—apparently an area with a high concentration of smokers. The spot ends with an ominous raspy male v/o intoning, “Smoke, and your body takes a beating. Fight back. Quit now.” Well, at least you get to see some violence with the preaching. How bout throwing in some sex next time, NHS? Jump for the fake snuff action. Previously: Anti-pot fake snuff video.

|Video: UTalkMarketing|