watching-you1 Anti-war activists in Washington have discovered a spy in their midst, a military operative conducting surveillance despite laws barring domestic spying. Through a public records request, members of Students for a Democratic Society and Port Militarization Resistance in Olympia and Tacoma learned that a trusted activist doubled as a criminal intelligence analyst for the Army’s Force Protection Division at nearby Fort Lewis. For two years John Jacob, real name John J. Towery, helped administer email lists that gave him access to member names and personal details. Once discovered, activists say he admitted to giving information to an intelligence agencies and confirmed the existence of other spies within the organization. According to the The Times, the Army has opened an investigation into their employee’s spy games, a potential violation of the Posse Comitatus Act barring U.S. military from conducting domestic law enforcement duties. |DemocracyNow|

Image via Wage Peace