art_institute_pittsburg.jpg“Graffiti is, in its way, an art form but, to us, it’s a criminal act,” said George L. Pry, president of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, amidst the recent arrests of two students who attend the not so accredited art school. The vandals were caught in December for allegedly bombing over 60 locations and in a testament to the school’s low education requirements, both reportedly “signed confessions.” Despite only a dozen arrests in the past decade, Pry warned students that graffiti will not be tolerated and could not only lead to a suspension, but an outright termination also.

He moved to remind the citizenry that his school doesn’t go around teaching Tagging 101: “I think there are people in the public who think we actually teach graffiti classes. We do not appreciate the art and the creativity of it … on public property.” In other words, keep it in your portfolio kids and only break it out for ad campaigns or commercial work. |Pittsburglive via What You Write|