Artnet Auctioning Off ‘Urban Art’

07.15.09 Will Sherman


This month, Artnet.com is auctioning off a selection of work, ranging from 1970s graffiti-style paintings to present day street art. The online auction includes pieces by old school graffiti writers like DAZE, CRASH, and DONDI; contemporary artists and former vandals like Steve Powers, KAWS, and Shepard Fairey; as well as a host of others that can fit under the “urban art” umbrella: Damien Hirst’s Supreme skateboard decks and a slew of pro-Obama posters. Estimated prices run from a couple hundred dollars, to a couple grand for a photo of Damon Dash, all the way up to $200k for a 1982 sculpture by Phase 2 and Douglas Abdell. ANIMAL assembled a selection of the offerings below which you can bid on until Thursday, July 23rd.