On Sunday the New York Post unveiled its newest columnist, an advice columnist to be specific: former Eliot Spitzer-boning hooker Ashley Dupre.

Dupre’s column, titled “Ask Ashley,” is an advice column and it’ll presumably deal with her answering questions about love and relationships from now until the shock value of her having a column in a major American newspaper wanes. Her first column actually actually contained some fairly sound and wise advice. A sample:

My boyfriend wants to know how many men I’ve slept with. Do I give an honest answer? –Anonymous, NYC

You don’t give him an answer at all. It’s really none of his business (and vice versa).

It’s like you asking him how many lap dances he’s gotten in his life. You know you’ve each slept with people in the past. It’s part of being an adult and has nothing to do with your relationship now and your possible future together.

Some things are better left unsaid.

If you have something you’d like to “Ask Ashley,” she can be reached at [email protected] I’ve already emailed her about prostate stimulation techniques.