This morning, Londoners awoke to find nine abandoned baby doll saviors in hay-filled mangers scattered around the city in high traffic locations like Trafalgar Square and Liverpool Street. Sweet heavens, who would do such a blasphemous thing?

Well, it’s a campaign planted by “experiential” ad agency Nude on behalf of Railway Children to draw attention to the plights of British street kids who have no safe place to sleep. While the manger scenes appear to have no identifying messaging on or around them, the stunt will be followed up (soon I guess) by ads in the London Underground with the line: “This Christmas thousands of children will sleep on the streets because they are too afraid to go home”. According to the organization, nine babies were placed to represent the fact that there are only nine beds available nationwide for every 100,000 UK street children. My overriding thought about this? If this was done in NYC, within minutes, all nine mangers would empty, and nine little Gotham girls would be unwrapping a brand new baby doll on X-Mas morn. |Video: UTalkMarketing|