Oh for the love of God! If life on the LES weren’t hard enough already, what with the weekend B&T invasion, Fried Dumpling being shuttered, and the Goddamn line out the door at Rosario’s pizza at 3am, now the locals have to deal with some crazed BB gun sniper shooting at them from on high. So far two people have been hit. TWO PEOPLE! It’s just too much.

Reports WCBS:

Residents in the Lower East Side are feeling like moving targets. Someone is taking aim at them with a BB gun. At least two people have been hit, one of them in his head.

BB gun pellets have been flying around the Lower East Side, hitting two people on Avenue D and East 3rd Street. And along with people, the shooter has also stuck car windows and buildings in the Llillian Wald houses.

In one building the shooter hit at least four windows, sending pellets into the hallways and stairwells where people are constantly walking by.

Are you fucking kidding me? Some brat on Avenue D armed with a Red Ryder BB gun is news in this fucking town now. The NYPD is actually investigating this?! Does anybody remember just a few short years ago when real bullets were still flying around all over the place in Alphabet City/Lower East Side? Not to mention that where I grew up, everybody got shot with a BB gun at least once, often by a member of your own fucking family. This town used to be tough, but it’s just overrun by pussies now, obviously. So sad.