Big Ball Of Yarn Sells Sunglasses

05.05.09 Copyranter

It’s gotta be a gas for the guys and gals at Cutwater San Francisco to work on an account like Ray-Ban. The Strategy? Be as senseless as humanly possible—just make sure you employ gimmicky camera tricks in the online videos so that they get a few hundred thousand page-views so that you can make a colorful chart for the client so that they’ll then give you more money to shoot the next video of moles coming out of holes wearing sunglasses. If you’re not familiar with these videos here’s two previous ones: bobbing for sunglasses, which gets old quick; and the worst of the bunch—the hipster calf. Now, filmed in the streets of San Fran, we have a big red rolling unraveling ball of yarn, which completely unsurprisingly reveals a dude wearing matching Ray-Bans (music by the gimmicky Eagles of Death Metal). Never Hide! Now, go buy a pair of a Ray-Bans so that these ad artistes can keep making these farces and I can keep getting paid to post about them.