“If you build it they will come.” That appears to be the numbskullery inherent in billionaire Ed Roski’s plan to build a leviathan football megaplex on the outskirts of LA, despite the fact that there is absolutely no consideration being given to moving a team there at all presently, that looks like something straight out of Idiocracy. Even better, Roski has his pals in the California legislature attempting to push though a measure that would exempt the grody monstrosity’s development from current state environmental regulations. Great, just what LA so desperately needs: more pollution and something else to attract even more staggering douchebags to the area.

Today the LA Times issued a strongly-worded admonishment of Roski’s dastardly plans on its editorial page:

Capitol wags have dubbed this kind of legislation “mushroom bills,” because they seem to sprout in the darkness at the end of a session. Such bills typically benefit big campaign donors at the expense of the public, and probably wouldn’t survive the normal procedures.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is so worried about the Majestic bill that it voted Tuesday to order the county’s lobbyists to oppose it. It has reason to be concerned. Majestic owner Ed Roski is a zealous and determined proponent of Southern California football; he also is an active contributor who has personally or through his company given out more than $710,000 in political donations since 2007, according to the secretary of state.

Exempting the stadium from state environmental review would cut the public out of the process and free the developer from having to mitigate serious environmental consequences. The project would still be subject to review by the city of Industry, but things like traffic and air pollution don’t confine themselves to one city; streets and freeways in the vicinity would almost certainly be jammed on game days, for example, and surrounding cities have a right to participate in decision-making and demand action to reduce the problems.

The thing about mushrooms is, if they look poisonous, they probably are.

According to the stadium’s website, it would seat 75,000 synthetically-enhanced fans and do much to promote the “California lifestyle,” which I can only presume to mean that there will be darkened rooms within the facility designated as a place for cocaine-snorting, unprotected sex and unlicensed plastic surgery, complete with streaming live video of area brush fires beamed in onto the walls. Hell, maybe they can enlist Ed Hardy as the stadium’s corporate sponsor?! Welcome to the suck y’all!

And don’t even think about trying to coax my New Orleans Saints into coming over there!