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Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboy terrorists. As we enter the last week of the worst presidency in the history of the universe, what’s W’s legacy? The worst financial crisis most living people have ever experienced, Katrina, torture, wiping his ass with the Constitution, and the absolute useless death of 4,000+ servicemen and women in Iraq. Oh yeah, also? Seven+ years after the worst attack ever on American soil, Al Qaeda’s leader hasn’t been caught or killed (despite liar Dick Cheney lying that he’s not even sure bin Laden is still alive.). So your War On Terror® is a failure too, Georgie. What does this have to do with these juvenile posters for Belgian satire magazine HUMO? Nothing, other than that they’re approval ratings in this country are not that dissimilar. Bonus illustrated portrait culture mash-up of a Rasta Hitler after the jump.

|Images: AdvertisingIsGoodForYou|