Blow Your Brains Out One Shot At A Time

05.14.09 Copyranter

russianiceLet’s play a little liquid Russian Roulette, shall we? Beautifully art-directed—though questionable conceived—ad for Russian Ice vodka out of Turkey (click to enlarge). This disturbing gun chamber visual would of course never pass muster with the US Distilled Spirits Council. The stupid mood-killing line (which has been translated to English for publicity purposes) is just overkill—it’s not needed. Unfortunately, sometimes zealous copywriters just don’t know when to shut-up and let an ad breathe (though, it could have been the idiotic client who insisted on the line). Still, it’s a more pleasing attempt at “edgy” liquor advertising than Belvedere’s blowjobby bullshit. FYI, Sly Stallone, who killed a shitload of Russians in Rambo III, was payed a million bucks in 2008 to shill this swill in the Motherland. Here’s the TV spot from the campaign, which ends with Sly about get in an alley fight with three thugs. |Image: adsoftheworld|