BNE opened his first gallery show last night, notably avoiding the milestone occasion lest he become the latest vandal to get busted at his own party.

However, plenty of others came, including one woman with BNE’s initials shaved in her skull and a grip of graffiti writers who wasted no time adding their tags to the gallery’s mix of bold sticker-style canvases, blockbuster letters as well as cartoon and corporate cover-ups. Those who didn’t bring markers and spray cans to the opening party were contented to check out the artwork, drink the bar dry and hit the dance floor. Even if you missed out on last night’s fun, you can still see the show online or in person through December, hosted by ANIMAL and ad agency Mother New York at their future home in Hell’s Kitchen.

“BNE Gallery,” 11 – 6 PM Daily, December 10 – December 30, 595 11th Avenue (between 44th & 45th Street), Manhattan

Photos by Will Sherman/ANIMALnewyork