Bobbies Eying Bug-Eyed Druggies

08.17.09 Copyranter

department_of_transport If you do drugs—or have developed Manga eyes by watching too much Japanese anime porn—don’t drive in England! The local constables have their peepers peeled. As part of a new £2.3 million multimedia campaign, The UK’s Department of Transport will begin airing a new TV spot tonight warning drug drivers that police now know the telltale chronic sign: HUGE ELVISH EYES. Right, Frank? At the government’s Think! website, you’re met with a big dilating orb, underneath which bloody capillaries slowly spell out “cannabis.” Now that would be an easy-to-spot sign! Well, if the cops shined their light in your eyes through a magnifying glass. Jump for the commercial (by Leo Burnett London) and its freaky post-production work.

|Video: Brand Republic|