Bottled Water Makes Hot Women Take Their Clothes Off

06.15.09 Copyranter


Well, at least hot Italian women. Aesthetically-pleasing, blatantly-sexist print campaign for Vitasnella bottled water (a Danone product) by Euro RSCG in Milan. “You’ll want to wear nothing but your body” is a pretty shaky ad claim. It’d be more believable if they were selling absinthe or some such inhibition-erasing liquor. But, ad creatives are always looking for opportunities to stick hot naked women into their layouts/TV spots. Here, at least, there is a conceptual tie-in to the product: all-natural beverage, au naturale bodies. Bottom line: the campaign doesn’t make me want to buy the water. Though if I was in Italy, it might make me want to buy a sexy woman a bottle, and then mentally undress her. Click the ads to better ogle the model’s naughty bits (it appears to be the same woman with different hair styles), and jump for a third execution featuring a buff guy (just kidding, it’s the babe again). Previously: Spa sparkling water: it’s like a bar fight in your mouth.


|Images: IBIA|