The internet has been oohing and cooing this week over this cute but naughty little web video for Durex featuring fuck bunnies made of condom balloons. It’s squeaky-clean fun, though us in America will of course never see the hairless-hares copulating on TV. Watch it, and witness animated ass-sniffing, doggying, 69ing, reverse cowgirling, train pulling…it’s got a little something for everyone, even a moment of humorous collapsed exhaustion. While I think it’s nice spot, it’s not an original idea—a fact none of the popular ad blogs pointed out this week. A year and a half ago, Ogilvy Red Card in Singapore produced human balloon animal print ads for Durex. In fact, even the condom balloon bunny isn’t an original ad thought. Now I’m pretty sure the responsible ad agency, Atlanta’s Fitzgerald & Co., was purposely riffing off of the Ogilvy print, and maybe even had the concept dictated to them by Durex. But this sort of cross-agency (bullshit buzzword alert) “ideation” happens all the time. One thing’s for certain: the bunnies beat the panty tarantula.