Ponto de Fuga (Point of Leakage), a studio in Curitiba, Brazil, recently put up these arrogant, graffiti-belittling posters around the city to promote its illustration work. They’re signed off with the line, “Every sketch dreams to be one of our illustration.” First off, these aren’t “sketches.” They’re illegal drawings done quickly and on the fly, not smoothed-out renderings done in the cozy confines of a studio. Secondly, they’re usually done with spray paint or markers, not fancy art tools. Thirdly, why mock street artists, many of whom are art school graduates and may want to visit/use your fucking studio at some point in the future? And lastly, the number one reason I would ever pay money to farm out work to a design studio is to see something I’VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE. The advertising boys and girls at AdsOfTheWorld love them, of course, because ad art directors are prissy perfectionists who like their artwork pristine, and dislike anything unfinished or “dirty.” Promo fail-o.

(Click on the images to engage the gallery of illustrative shame.)