kari-ferrell-111 On Monday, at 12:42AM I received a text message from the internet hijacking Hipster Grifter, Kari Ferrell, claiming that she turned herself in to authorities in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was very short on details and when asked how she was able to even use her iPhone, she wrote: “They’re letting me get numbers.” In an exclusive video testimonial ANIMAL posted on Friday, she apologized and said she was “taking care of things.” Apparently sooner than later.

UPDATE: Kari called from a Philly number and says she turned herself in because “things were getting ridiculous.” When asked why Pennsylvania, she simply responded, “I didn’t want to do it in New York.” Ferrell also asked that we write her when she gets her jail address in Salt Lake and really looks forward to making things right. The call was brief and before anymore questions could be asked the pay phone asked for “one dollar for the next one minute.” Click!

Photo by Will Sherman/ANIMALnewyork.com