The Brooklyn Museum is showing off some new prints given to them by photographer Dash Snow and his dealer, Javier Peres. Expectedly, this latest body of work continues the artist’s long-running experimentation with semen and other adult themes.

In a diaristic snapshot of Chinatown at night, a young woman (Snow’s wife Jade) sits in a doorway with the stroller on the sidewalk close by. Despondent, head in hand, or just tired after a long night out (Dash forgetting the house keys, or so the story goes), the mundane snap shot is full of emotion. Another image shows the couple’s baby daughter in bed sound asleep, humorously juxtaposed with the child-unfriendly traces of a parent’s night out. The poetic rendering of Jade’s naked back bears trace of an intimate encounter and a street portrait of a friend hints at the androgynity of adolescence.

The Museum plans to show some of these photos and other new acquisitions this fall with an exhibition of work from their Contemporary Collection. |Brooklyn Museum|