In a backwards burglary, an artist smuggled his work into the Brooklyn Museum over the weekend. During normal business hours, self-proclaimed “fine art graffiti artist” Mat Benote covertly hung his painting in the contemporary art section as the finale to an exhibition of illicit installations across the country. Benote’s original painting, titled “Life’s Puzzle,” was divided and distributed to a dozen museums in an attempt to give back to those deemed exceptional for their public service and access. In a statement, Benote explains:

So many museums today have been so focused on getting high priced art in their collections, they have forgotten why they collect in the first place. The purpose of a museum is to connect the community with their past, enable them for the present, and inspire their future. My desire is to bring the much deserved attention to these museums that have stayed true to their purpose.

One of the installation sites, The Josyln Museum in Omaha, Nebraka, has apparently accessioned Benote’s work in their permanent collection.

Photos via Matt Benote