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Gerhardt Fuchs, a 34 year-old drummer from Georgia known as “Jerry” to friends who recently played on Letterman with the band MSTRKRFT and toured with Vineland, The Juan MacLean, Turing Machine, Holy Ghost! and Maserati, fell to his death over the weekend after the hood of his sweatshirt got caught on a piece of a stalled freight elevator he attempted to jump out of, causing him to fall to his death five stories to the bottom of the elevator’s shaft in the building he was attending a party at on Berry Street in Williamsburg.

Reports Newsday:

As Fuchs attempted to jump out of the elevator and onto an adjacent floor, the hood of his sweatshirt got caught on a piece of the elevator, causing him to fall five stories to the bottom of the elevator shaft, according to the police report.

Some of Fuchs friends in the music world lauded him personally and professionally in a New York Times story on his death:

James Murphy, of the musical project LCD Soundsystem, said that Mr. Fuchs was one of the best drummers he had ever heard.

“He was one of the only people we all knew who was literally great at what he did,” Mr. Murphy said. “And he was incredibly generous with his talent.”

On Sunday night, friends, many of them musicians with roots in Williamsburg, gathered in a Brooklyn apartment to exchange memories of Mr. Fuchs and honor his achievements.

“At the root of it,” said Scott DeSimon of Turing Machine during a telephone call from the gathering, “he was always that sweet 20-year-old who moved here from Athens.”

Fuchs’ death should serve as yet another reminder of life’s fragility. Here he was just a guy going to party in Wiliamsburg on a Saturday night and he winds up dead. So excruciatingly tragic and sad.

Below is a video for a song by The Juan Maclean he’s featured prominently in:

Gerhardt Fuchs was a resident of Bushwick at the time of his death.

via HamNo @ Gawker