Unashamed of living in squalor, a Crown Heights woman is vieing to win a nationwide “Dirtiest Apartment” contest. 29-year-old Lisa Henderson is “our for bragging rights,” and the $1000 top prize for the highest ranked filthy apartment dweller. In her online entry, Henderson describes the “self-induced squalor.”

Summer in the city, with NO air conditioner, means that I either stay at work or play outside! It also means that as the apartment temperature increases, lots of scents start to fester…whether it’s moldy fruit or my feet, it’s not a fun place to be. In fact, had I known about this contest three weeks ago, I would’ve taken pictures of the three dead mice that I found under the fridge. I found them b/c everytime I opened the fridge, I was hit in the face with ‘rotten mouse’ smell and my ice cubes made my water taste a little funky.

Henderson, who is also trumped her disgusting effort in the Daily News, is not the only New Yorker in the running. In fourth place, she’s currently beating out fellow Brooklynite “Messy Jessie,” who claims to be too busy and broke to put garbage anywhere but the floor.