250_medical_weed_.jpgGeorge W. Bush isn’t even in office anymore, yet his misguided, freedom-hating policies are still lingering around to the detriment of medical marijuana users and states’ rights. A medical marijuana dispensary was raided by the DEA last week in California—a state that voted to legalize for medical use—prompting therapeutic pot promoters, Americans for Safe Access to issue a statement:

“Even though President Barack Obama had made repeated promises during his election campaign to end federal raids in medical marijuana states, many high-ranking Bush Administration officials have yet to leave office.”

The problem is that Obama has yet to pick a administrator for the DEA and a new Attorney General. In 2007, Obama pledged support, claiming that he wouldn’t “have the Justice Department prosecuting and raiding medical marijuana users.” Whoever he eventually chooses, hopefully they have a more forward thinking policy than his proposed pick for Surgeon General. |OpposingViews|