Buygone Ad Of The Week: Drano

10.15.09 Copyranter

drano_lede Once a week (or so), Copyranter brings you retro advertising good/badness. “Our relationship was headed down the drain…because the bathwater wasn’t. You see, Herbert liked to trim his hair and pubes in the shower, not to mention masturbate (His huge morning poop-poops also stopped up the hopper, but the force-cup plunger Joe the plumber gave me after I gave him a handjob always worked.). After he dressed, Herbert would shuffle into the kitchen for his buttered toast. He’d sit down and look at it and say either “too light” or “too dark.” He’d sip his coffee and mumble “too weak” or “too strong.” Meanwhile, the bathwater was s-l-o-w-l-y emptying.

But this morning, all that’s changed! The Drano I sprinkled down the drain last night worked! And Herbert slipped on his semen and fell and cracked his skull open and died.
|Image: LiveJournal vintage ads|