Buygone Ad Of The Week: The Wall Street Journal

09.28.09 Copyranter

sm300_wsjOnce a week (or so), Copyranter brings you retro advertising good/badness. Oh, like you’re just too damn sophisticated for a little semantical dick joke (See what I did there? “Semantical” almost starts with “semen.”). Seventy-eight year-old WSJ owner Rupert Murdoch would certainly appreciate this subscription ad from long ago—He’d probably pay $15,000 for each and every non-pill-created boner he could muster for the rest of his life.

Plus, I bet he’d love to start running some of the Page 3 girls from The Sun (which he also owns) in the stuffy Journal to help out those big dick playas—who’re predominantly male with a median age of 55—with their waning bonerage. Anyway. Guy in this testimonial ad? He’s a fake. And, boner=funny word forever.

|Image: Live Journal/vintage ads|