Buygone Ad: Prudential Life Insurance

09.17.09 Copyranter

prudential1926 Time to bring back a dormant feature here on ANIMAL—The Buygone Ad of the Week. About the evilest advertisers out there are insurance companies—”like a good neighbor” my fucking ass. Would a good neighbor freak me out by placing fake damage stickers on my new car? Such scare tactics are of course the ad strategy of choice for life insurance companies. And since using real people in negative testimonial ads might mean negative press, they all go the fake route. Like this Prudential ad from a 1926 National Geographic. Just look at the look on that fake orphan’s face. And, check out the background fake orphan pathetically batting a piece of garbage with a stick. Or is it a rock? A rock representing the “piece of the rock” evil dead Daddy didn’t buy? Mommy, our porridge has bugs in it! |Image: flickr/Vintage Advertising|