In case you somehow missed it, American student Amanda Knox was found guilty of murdering her roommate by an Italian jury late Friday in what many legal experts are calling a complete farce of a trial. Now it’s possible that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may enter the fray to bust some Italian skulls over the whole thing.

Reports the Daily Mail:

After the verdicts, Knox’s furious father Curt Knox vowed to fight to clear his daughter’s name and spoke of his ‘anger and disbelief’ at the Italian justice system.

His campaign seems to be gaining support on Capitol Hill. Senator Maria Cantwell, from Washington state, declared there were ‘serious questions about the Italian justice system’.

She said she was concerned there had been an ‘anti-American’ feeling at the trial and said she would be raising her concerns with Mrs Clinton.

‘The prosecution did not present enough evidence for an impartial jury to conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that Miss Knox was guilty,’ she said. ‘Italian jurors were allowed to view highly negative news coverage about Miss Knox.’

Naturally, Clinton’s possible involvement did not please any of the Italians working on the case, who apparently haven’t been told that Clinton is no longer a Senator and is actually heading up the American State Department these days.

She said she had not expressed any concerns to the Italian government. Last night, Knox’s Italian lawyer distanced himself from the senator’s claims. Luciano Ghirga said: ‘That’s all we need, Hillary Clinton involved. I have the same political sympathies as Hillary but this sort of thing does not help us in any way.’

Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini said: ‘This senator should not interfere in something she has no idea about. I am happy with how the trial went.’

Imagine that…a prosecutor happy with a possible bullshit guilty verdict.