It’s so on right now in the Arctic! Fed up with the Russians trying to claim the North Pole and the Americans flying bombers across the region like they own the place, the Canadians are striking back, softly, with their own bit of international mischief: the Norther Watch program, bitches! They dispatched teams of military scientists—or nerds—to surveil the shit out of the Northwest Passage, a waterway they like to claim as their own, a sentiment not shared by either Russia or the US. And they’re not stopping there. One crazy Canuck even wants to rename the passage to something more Canadiany. However, they’ll have to overcome some major logistical problems before they can fully hold down the bloc, like mold. It’s creating some issues for them as is the weather. Apparently it’s pretty cold up there. This very not gangsta photo of their “camp” isn’t a great image-builder either. |CBC|