Carrie Prejean 'Walks Off' CNN's Larry King_1258002924221

Disgraced pageant broad turned systematically persecuted champion of conservatism Carrie Prejean is still out there promoting her dumb book about how liberals want to destroy her because she’s hot and loves Jesus, just like Sarah Palin, and tonight she just lost it completely live on national television.

She made an appearance on Larry King Live where King, the most noted softball interviewer in the history of journalism, managed to push poor little Carrie’s red button, prompting her to abort (See what I did there?) the interview live on national television. Watch as the old Lizard King himself, seemingly inspired to channel his inner Mike Wallace by his fiery red suspenders, “grills” Prejean until she just can’t take it anymore.

Tonight’s incident follows Prejean’s last minute cancellation of a prior scheduled appearance on LKL because she was too hungover to go on the air, so I guess it’s time to ask, WHY DOES CARRIE PREJEAN HATE OLD PEOPLE?!

UPDATE: TMZ has some GREAT audio from the guy she sent the “sex tape” to. He claims she was actually 20 when she sent it, not 17 as she has claimed for some time. Oh and he gave them pictures he took at a weekend “sex romp” in San Diego as well. This was a dude she met on Myspace, no less.