After more than ten years in operation, Bellwether Gallery announced today that it is closing this summer. Over the years an array of artists exhibited with the Chelsea gallery, a few of which are featured above including Trevor Paglen and his explorations into the military’s secret installations and aircraft. Owner Becky Smith, who moved the gallery from its original location in Williamsburg to 134 Tenth Avenue in Chelsea, has decided to shut down the space in large part due to pressure from the current financial climate. In part, she wrote us:

Owning the gallery for over ten years has been my great joy and honor. It was never easy but always thrilling to ride the waves of change that have washed over the artworld since the gallery opened. The name of the gallery has always been its intention, to be a leading indicator of future trends and movements in the artworld. I was proud to have been a part of the Williamsburg scene, the exodus to Chelsea, the dawn of the e-commerce era, the boom of the emerging market, the rise of the art fair imperative and the NADA generation. I always tried to have a distinct voice and point of view, represent as many women as possible, curate from my values and not my taste and get behind artists who’s brilliance and concepts were apparent in their craft.