China Ad Watch: The Stink of Consumerism

07.27.09 Copyranter


As the 1.3 billion people of the People’s Republic continue their march to becoming full-fledged Consumers, they’re discovering the American joy of blowing hard-earned money on utterly unnecessary products…like pocket-sized air fresheners! But really, how could they resist with such cute ads as these by DDB Shanghai for the TianTian brand which, I’m stupidly assuming, is named for either the giant panda or the apparently smelly chess player.  Isn’t farting in public punishable by death in China? Anyway, it also appears that Chinese ad agencies are discovering the Western advertising tactic of stealing ideas: the funny gaseous pants bubbles visual isn’t original. Previously in China Ad Watch: Ben Gay, Panadol Cold & Flu. |Images: Coloribus|