China Blames Britney & Bush for Flu Pandemic

06.22.09 Copyranter


Just click the ads, and look for all the familiar faces in these positively puzzling puzzle ads by Grey Beijing for Panadol Cold & Flu. First the Bush ad. It’s got all the vile Evil Doers of the moment, including Kim Jong-il, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Osama bin Laden. It also has a few unfamiliar busty women (Lower, middle. Mistresses?). But my favorite two parts are the three flight attendants—upper left—executing the seatbelt instructions portion of the useless pre-flight safety routine, and Eliot Spitzer and his favorite hooker Ashley Dupre (middle, far left). The Britney ad is more predictable with the likes of K-Fed, Paris and Lindsay, Brad, Angie and Jennifer. The grip holding the mike over Nic Cage’s noggin’ is slightly amusing. But…what the FUCK is the lesson here? Politicians and celebs have weak immune systems? Stay away from Spears and Bush because they don’t wash their hands? I guess let’s hope neither of them get H1N1. Previously in: China Ad Watch. |Images: IBIA|