Campagne Archive e AD of the World.indd

Italian ad agency Milc is upset that businesses are cutting their ad budgets in these recessional times so in protest, they beheaded St. Nicholas, jihad style! If you don’t get your Suzy Pees Herself doll, blame them. Ad copy: “Creativity is that extra bit of magic that can turn communication into a dream. And there is no crisis that can justify the killing of a dream.” Stupidly, the disclaimer copy on the right tells us that Santa wasn’t actually harmed. The accompanying Website, which features some of their own digitally decapitated employees, proclaims that “companies…that cut its communications means to cut off the future (google translation).” There’s even a link for what I’m assuming are mostly shitcanned ad people to post their own heads. How fucking useless, and depressing! |Image: AOTW|