In an effort to strike back at the steadily increasing graffiti menace, the City Council voted on a law that prohibits roll-down metal gates for businesses, claiming they double as “magnets” for vandals. But worry not entrepreneurs, you’ve still got plenty of time to make the conversion to the “higher visibility” gates and be up to code since this silly little bill won’t go in effect until 2026 AD according to the City Room.

Not surprisingly, this useless piece of futuristic legislation was penned by no other than media whore and political name recognition councilman Peter Vallone. Besides the absurdity of trying to mandate what type of gate a business uses and the inevitable homogenous look it will create city-wide, this will also mean less spots for legal artists—like D*Face—as well, completely making it one of the most counter productive, creativity-killing measures ever proposed and passed. |City Room|

(Photo of legally painted roll-down gates done by British-based artist D*Face)