TV LETTERMAN Sources tell the New York Post that people working at both 48 Hours and the Late Show are angered that Armen Keteyian from the CBS Evening News has been digging around for stories on the scandal. It’s probably bad enough that they’re being harassed by every tabloid under the sun and now members of their own team are digging for dirt? Geez.

Reports the Post:

Halderman’s colleagues at “48 Hours” are furious that “CBS Evening News” correspondent Armen Keteyian and a special team are nosing around their operations for a story on the alleged shakedown of Letterman, whose show is the network’s most profitable, sources said.

Those “48 Hours” staffers are worried about being made to look guilty by association with Halderman — a longtime producer at the news magazine — and are questioning the benefit of the “Evening News” probing people and entities in the CBS family.

“How is this good?” asked a “48 Hours” source about the “Evening News” probe.

But an “Evening News” source said the probe was spurred by a desire to avoid sitting on the sidelines while other media feast on the scandal.

“CBS cannot be seen to be burying its head in the sand,” the source said.