Coke Trashes English Countryside In Name Of Recycling

06.23.09 Copyranter


It’s National Recycling Week in merry old England. So yesterday, planet-, teeth- and pancreas-destroyer Coca-Cola unveiled this 50 meter, 200,000 can eyesore called “Precious Metal” above the beautiful white cliffs of Sussex. Hey, let’s grab a six-acre Papa John’s pizza and a 100,000 foot tall stripper and have a big stupid party! Seriously, that is one ugly-ass piece of work. Look at the amateurish type! In the accompanying promo video Coke “Citizenship Manager”(?) Liz Lowe claims the recycling of these 200,000 cans will save enough energy to power a “tellie” for over 70 years.

Smashing! While it’s a nice gesture of Coke to try and teach the world to recycle in perfect harmony, fact is, they are one of the leading fillers of landfills the world over. Piece should have been titled “Aluminum Irony.” |Image: CR Blog|