After sparking a tiny bit of outrage in New York, Calvin Klein’s latest sexed up billboard on Houston Street is inspiring out of town attacks. In an article titled, “Sexy ads limit my freedoms,” Virginia-based conservative columnist Erika Lassen blames the jeans company for mind control because she can’t stop thinking about the topless models making out. The Brigham Young graduate writes:

An interesting thing happens when pornography is viewed. Like a leech, it clings to the brain. The image pops up in our minds at rather random, unexpected times. Even if we don’t want to ever see the image again, it sneaks up on you. I do not want the Calvin Klein image in my mind and when I saw it on the front page of Fox I immediately wished I had not, but I did see it. And now I will need to force the image out whenever it springs on me.

Lassen’s conclusion is that “Calvin Klein’s freedom of speech has effectively infringed upon my freedoms,” which isn’t true and is even more illogical when you consider that it was her beloved Fox News that was responsible for her seeing the provocative billboard more than 300 miles away.