NUP_111374_0143 Yesterday MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough was flying into Newark with his family when his flight’s landing was delayed significantly by an event on the ground at the airport: a political rally for New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine featuring President Obama. Scarborough did some venting via Twitter.

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I hope Jon Corzine is enjo ..._1257199108298

You know, it’s really hard to argue with Scarborough here, but apparently many Obama supporters did, provoking him to lash out about political parties promoting stupidity or something…

Surprised by blind loyalty ..._1257200494371

I guess as long as the Pre ..._1257199950222

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Actually, nothing promotes the type of stupidity derived through blind partisanship more than cable news political talk shows, so ugh, I guess you can say that this is where I disagree profoundly with Mr. Scarborough.