No_photographs_stickers-1.pngNote to all law enforcement personnel in the five boroughs: taking photos in the city’s transit system is perfectly legal. Unfortunately for 30-year-old photographer and MTA employee Robert Taylor, the arresting officers he encountered never got that memo. After snapping a photo at the Freeman Street Stop in the Bronx, he was approached by a cop who decided to arrest him for a nonexistent crime. While it’s true that the MTA twice proposed a ban in an attempt to thwart terrorist-enabling shutterbugs, it’s been redacted both times after receiving intense public opposition. Even after showing the mentally deficient cops, including a sergeant, the official law—he had it bookmarked on his blackberry—Tayor was handcuffed and taken into custody. Read his firsthand account here and make sure you have your freedom papers in order next time you shoot some flicks. |NYT|