As of 1:31pm this afternoon, withered rock music lady Courtney Love started a blog on David Karp’s cutesy little blogging platform, Tumblr. Let’s take a look at what she’s posted so far, shall we?

Her very first post was the image you see above, which she then followed up with this upside-down picture:


Accompanying the picture was the following oh-so-very-Courtney-Love-esque text:

this is a summation of what this record is about sartorially, its independane hard won upcycled so not a change of “image” like madonna does but not stuck in the nineties, i had a great moment woth lachapelle who i called crying becuase i was told( it was alie but irelavant) that donnatella wouldnt dress me, he said “WHEN DID YOU START SELLING OUT AND GIVING A FUCK THEY PAID YOU 180,000 TO WEAR A GREY MINI SKIRT MAKE YOUR OWN FASHION” my god he was so right, it applies to this record too, hard won and true to my real self. no secrets

And then there’s this, posted at 1:55pm today:


this is the right shot i hope the last one sort of says im cold in a top hat and oops im upside down ouch thios is the shot to me epitomes anorganic look all my own that diy and i was so happy to turn Billy Joe armstrong and his wife adrian onto etsy, i have to be frugal

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what’s known in the Tumblr world as a “must-follow.”