Celebrity gossipers at TMZ are grossed out that someone would take an upskirt photo of Paris Hilton. So much so, that they posted a video of the shameful incident. After replaying a clip showing LA photographer The Arab Parrot “creep up behind her and put his camera up her skirt and take a shot,” producer Harvey Levin chimes in: “I was just going to say how creepy that is….It’s just creepy on every level.”

The Arab Parrot responds on his blog, writing, “I’m always creepin but I ain’t no pervert or bitch ass paparazzi… I’m an artist my dude,” and telling critics of his “performance art” to “shut the fuck up.” Along with innumerable rationales for stooping down to take a shot up Hilton’s skirt, The Arab Parrot claims he did Paris Hilton a favor: “Think of it this way, she wouldn’t have even made it on TMZ that night if it wasn’t for the P & that would’ve made her way more bummed.”

Images via Don Chavez