A cyclist assaulted by a former rookie cop in Times Square last year is filing a $1.5 million lawsuit against the NYPD for attempting to cover up the unprovoked attack. 30-year-old Christopher Long was bicycling through Times Square as part of a July 2008 Critical Mass ride when then-cop Patrick Pogan, just three weeks on the job, tackled him to the pavement.

Pogan arrested Long for assault, resisting arresting and disorderly conduct, falsely testifying that Long swerved and then ran his bicycle into him, causing him to fall and “suffer lacerations” on his arms. The video below, shot by a bystander, cleared Long of charges and led to Pogan’s firing for perjuring police reports.

Long’s lawyer, Jonathan Moore, points out that “Nobody would have cried foul if it wasn’t for that video,” and says the experience put Long, who is working on a farm in Wisconsin, through “psychological trauma, which explains why he is not living in New York City right now.”