ashley dupre girls gone wild

The New York Daily News, fresh from placing our own lovable Bucky Turco in its editorial crosshairs, takes issue today with Ashley Dupre’s “useless” advice column now running in the New York Post on Sundays.

Here is Daily News gossip queen Joanna Molloy showing her bitch teeth:

Why hear from dignified young actresses and musicians who choose to stay vertical to make ends meet?

Hearing the world view of someone who turned the oldest tricks in the book affords us such sage wisdom as this from Dupre: “Guys are primal.” Isn’t she the first one you think of when you want advice on love, children, and gift items?

It’s a wonder that “David K of Tribeca” and “Meredith of Queens” needed to seek out the counsel of the former prostitute.

Hey, if her editors want to give the wanna-be singer her 16th minute of fame and they’re consenting adults, who are we to be snarky about it?

They’re providing a service for those who don’t frequent porn sites. Where else would we have learned that Liberator sex futons are having a Christmas sale if Dupre hadn’t given us the hot tip?

Personally, I love “Kristen’s” column. You go girl. And stop hatin’ Daily News! Jeez.