Over the weekend, we gave you firsthand accounts of the New York Street Advertising Takeover that was responsible for whitewashing 120 illegal billboards that artists then transformed into public canvasses. For many, the photos online are the only way to see the results since NPA employees quickly re-pasted their unlawful posters over the art. Much of the cynical coverage lamented how little time the whitewash and artwork lasted, in most cases less than 24 hours. However, permanency wasn’t the point, after all that’s not the nature of these locations, the wild posting business or street art for that matter. It was to highlight the extent of this illegal advertising and the city’s lack of enforcement. But even worse than listening to these armchair activists over think the action is this woeful speculation on behalf of New York magazine’s Daily Intel:

What’s especially painful, we think, is that the people employed to wheatpaste the posters up are very likely the same kind of artistic, creatively inclined folk who painted over them. You could even say it’s ironic. And thus, the endless cycle of hipster-on-hipster violence continues.

And what did they base that on? Obviously not any kind of actual reportage or even a semblance of common sense. To assume that the drones the NPA hires to slap up promotional posters somehow represent the same “creative inclined folk who painted over them” is a shocking level of ignorance even for a soccer mom magazine like New York. Then again these are the same out of touch people that were shocked to learn that undercover cops ride around in yellow cabs so it’s not all that unexpected—but still!

Photos of artist Clarina Bezzola at work in Freeman’s Alley on Saturday and the same illegal billboard on Sunday by Will Sherman/