Development of Wu-Tang Clan Almost Thwarted by Drive-By Shootup of Weed House, Shockingly

10.12.09 Cajun Boy


Well here’s fate for ya! Method Man once narrowly escaped death by diverting his trip to make a purchase from his neighborhood weed guy by heeding a “come over here, yo” call from RZA, and if Method had been killed, Wu-Tang might never have formed. For realz!

Reports CNN:

Method Man, the group’s most recognizable voice, was nearly killed before the band formed, Wu-Tang’s chief producer, RZA, writes in his forthcoming memoir.

Meth was walking to buy marijuana at 160 Park Hill Avenue in Staten Island — the house in Wu-Tang’s “Protect Ya Neck” video — when RZA saw him across the street, he writes in the book.

“Come over here, yo!” RZA beckoned, according to “The Tao of Wu” (Riverhead). “He stopped and came running over. A few seconds later — pow-pow-pow-pow-pow! — a guy started shooting up the front of 160. A buddy of ours, Poppy, an innocent, school-going, nice guy — he was shot and killed right there.”

In other news, New Kids on the Block wouldn’t have formed if Donnie Wahlberg had gone to see Flashdance with his buddy Trip instead of going to play Atari at Jordan Knight’s house. Fate.