Last week in London, while protesters were smashing things and 10 times as many journalists were photographing them, local street artist D*Face was showing his art on digital billboards around the city. The big question was: how did he do it? Were the billboards hacked like electronic road signs or bought like SKULLPHONE’s LA displays. Reached by email, D*Face told ANIMAL he pulled the billboards off “incredibly easily and it didn’t cost a penny.” Asked if the work was hacked, D*Face told us, “No not hacked, that’s near if not impossible, I’ve looked very long and hard at that option, but a miracle chance drunken encounter with a slightly corruptible individual that had access to the equipment helps. That’s all I can tell you as Clear Channel have gone ape shit over it.” Once again, booze and bribery prove themselves useful for getting things done.

Photo of D*Face electronic billboard in London by Sweetponds