Didya Eat Lunch Yet, Maggot?

05.08.09 Copyranter

Charity SA AdvertisementCharity SA Advertisement

This was certainly a juicy stock photo search assignment for ad agency Lowe Bull in Cape Town. These intensely disgusting ads are for Charity SA, a one-stop clearinghouse for South African charities. Interesting choices for the “bad” professions. I think there are much worse jobs than paparazzi. Oil company CEO. Senator. Real estate agent. Public relations rep. Gossip blogger. Advertising copywriter. But, is shoving people’s shitty lives into their faces really an effective method to motivate them to do charity work? I don’t think so. Plus, what’s so bad about being a fly or a maggot? Plus what if I don’t believe in reincarnation hooey? After you clean the vomit off your mouse/keyboard, jump for the third ad featuring divorce lawyer Bob living his next life as a blood-sucking tick. |Images: AdsOfTheWorld|