Diesel Headvertises Helmets

09.24.09 Copyranter

quique The Italian brand’s recent online efforts have been, well, fucking awful. The art school triptych video ballyhooing their Only The Brave fragrance is simultaneously idiotic and pretentious, and it will give you a pounding migraine. And then there was Pete the Meat Puppet, which is simply the stupidest thing ever created by humans. And now, to promote their new overpriced motorcycle helmets, Diesel, through Spanish agency the Shackleton Group, presents Quique The Head. While headvertising a head-related product is unoriginal, this mockumentary is the best Diesel video I’ve yet seen. It’s well made and pretty humorous. Watch for when Quique cheats on his girlfriend and when he sneezes—I actually laughed out loud and I NEVER laugh out loud.

|Video: Adverblog|