Diesel: Smells Like An Art School Toilet

06.12.09 Copyranter

To help create hype for its new fragrance, Only The Brave, Diesel enlisted agency Sub Rosa and production company Legs to create this video triptych dripping with the scent of hooey. The three frames represent (l-r) Heart, Mind, and Nerve; or alternately, Vanity, Blatancy, and Insincerity. The short “film” is about bravery, as your dapper douchy host in the middle Mind frame makes painfully clear, spewing musings such as, “Sometimes I say to my self, ‘self, I’m gonna beat the pants off you.'” And, “The mind is a fire with gasoline in one ear, and a lit match in the other.” Brave. You know what’s brave? Watching all 4:18 of this insipid crap. I did, and I now feel like this Diesel model. |Video: scary ideas|