A freshly painted mural by Chicago artist Gabriel Villa was destroyed last Friday by order of a local politician who found it “distasteful.” Alderman Jim Balcer used the local “Graffiti Blasters” to wipe the legal mural off private property, falsely claiming the painting required a permit.

Commissioned as part of a local arts festival, the public painting depicted three police surveillance boxes ornamented with the crucified Jesus Christ, a deer head, and a human skull. Villa, the artist behind the work, told NBC, “I wanted to create something that was urban … something that we see in a lot of marginalized neighborhoods, like the surveillance camera.” The artist also hoped “to create a platform for dialogue, but the mural was never given a chance” thanks to the censorship of one art-hating Alderman who suggested that there “there was hidden gang meaning” and “something anti-police” in the painting he ignorantly destroyed.

Images via Chicago Public Radio